Monday, May 6, 2013

Day one food training

I did the food training thing today which went OK. What Idid was the following:

Put ¼ cup of food in the bowl.

Let Rico finish and then pulled the bowls away from both ofthem.

Grabbed a hand full of food in my right hand and sat on theground with my right hand to my chest near my face.

Gave each of them one piece of food one at a time and said“Good” every time they took and ate the food. I did this about three or fourtimes.

I then put the food in the palm of my hand and waited forone of them to reach for it and then I closed my hand.

I did not give them the food until someone made eye contactwith me.

Once someone made eye contact with me I gave them the foodand said “Good”

I repeated this process a few times.

I also put the food on the floor one piece at a time forthem to eat and said “Good” when they ate it. I did this about three or fourtimes.

I then put the food on the ground and waited for one of themto go for it and then I covered it up.
I waited for one of them to make eye contact with me and then I gave them thefood and said “Good”

I repeated this process a few times.

I then put two more scoops in their bowls and let themfinish eating.

When my wife gest home we are going to do the following:

I will have them on their leashes waiting for you to comehome.

As per training, you will great me first and then the dogsbut you will not great the dogs until they calm down.

We will each take one of the dogs and do the food trainingin separate rooms.
Wewill do this every day that we can and each time we will take a different dog.


  1. Great blog, and great job, you guys! I am very impressed :) Everything sounds really good. The only suggestion I have is let them eat 3/4 of their meal and then do the food exercise with the rest, once they have taken more of the edge off of their appetites.


  2. They're adorable!