Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Going back to basics

Tracia and I decided to go back to some of the basics in order to improve the response we are getting from Rico & Pebbles.

We are doing more of the food training and having them look at us prior to giving them the reward and saying Good. This should improve their response when working with toys.

To simulate the movements we are making with a toy, we are moving our hand with the food in it and not letting them have the reward until they look at us and then we say good. They picked this up very quickly.

We have been just playing with them and not training when we play. Due to last Sunday's class, we are now training when we play. I found that Rico & Pebbles are not really interested in waiting for us to toss the toy, they just find another toy. We are now holding on to all of their toys and using one at a time unless we need to get a new toy because they do not bring the old toy to us.

Since we have started doing the basic food training again, they are catching on very quickly when we are using a toy instead of food.

Tracia really wants them to drop the toy in her hand and we are going to be working on that as well.

Tracia tells me that their leash training is going very well and I am noticing a difference as well. We went on a 2 mile walk today and they never pulled unless they needed to relieve themselves.

Training is working but we still have a long way to go.

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