Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Training progress

Rico & Pebbles had a great time last weekend on their first camping trip. Everyone loved them. They spent a lot of time outside and they seem to like the lake. Our family was pretty good about waiting from them to calm down before petting them but they still got away with a lot. We did not do much training this past weekend while camping but they are getting better at walking on the leash.

Tracia has been doing most of the training these days because I have been pretty busy. She is working on getting them to follow her willingly every morning. She tried to go on a walk with them this morning thinking they were ready but they ended up just fighting so she stopped the walk.

I have taken them for walks today and yesterday. They pull on the leash for a few blocks and then stop and seem to follow willingly. I stop at every corner and wait for them to sit. When they sit I say "sit." They get better as the walk continues. We walk between 1.5 to 2 miles. I try to do this everyday I can during lunch.

We look forward to getting back to class this week because we missed last weeks class. Rico & Pebbles will be spending the weekend with Peggy because we have a wedding to go to.

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  1. They both did great and were fun to care for! They also did really well at dog class today! Keep up the good homework :)